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Robust outdoor table tennis tables for sporty and exciting matches outdoors
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The outdoor table tennis table: ideal for matches in the open !

Table tennis is a classic indoor sport. When you wish to play outside in the garden in spring or summertime, we recommend to purchase an outdoor table tennis table. A weatherproof table tennis table has a special-coated surface and is protected from UV radiation. This means that the outdoor table tennis table does not bleach out or loses its good playing features for direct sunlight. A non-weatherproof table tennis table can even swell up due to humidity. This is different with outdoor table tennis tables. A little shower doesn't matter. However, the outdoor table tennis table should be stored inside for on-going bad weather or in winter time.

The weatherproof table tennis table has all functions of an indoor table.

You do not have to renounce any functions of a "normal" table tennis table for an outdoor table tennis table. An outdoor table tennis table has also official international tournament dimensions. Like indoor table tennis tables, there are also foldable outdoor ones. Store the weatherproof table tennis tables in a space saving way, when they are not needed. One side folded up even offers exercising alone, when there is no match partner or you wish to exercise precise shots.

Change of location is easily done for most weatherproof table tennis tables. Just take an outdoor table tennis table equipped with transport wheels for easy and comfortable transport. Many outdoor table tennis tables are additionally equipped with balls and bats, so that your equipment is comfortably and directly stored at the place of the match. A net is usually included in delivery as well.

Does the colour of the table tennis table matter ?

Most outdoor table tennis tables have a gray, green or blue surface. Even though there are boards with other, more exotic colours, these three colours have prevailed. Table tennis balls are best to see on a blue, gray or green surface. Whether you decide for a gray, blue or green outdoor table tennis table is up to your taste.

In case you are not sure which weatherproof table tennis board is the right one for you, please get in touch with our customer service by email or phone. You can also visit one of our stores all over Europe. We are looking forward to give you advice ! {video:tischtennis.mp4}
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