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Fitness trampolines combine a joint-gentle and effective fitness training with a very high fun factor
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Purchase guide for fitness trampolines

Fitness trampolines (also rebounders) offer many advantages for the training and they are available in many varieties. The training with a trampoline is popular among young and old persons - even the tv reports about it and rebounders also get more and more popular at gyms. Either for strength or fitness training or for physiotherapy: trampolines fulfill a versatile training use and you can easily lose weight.

The advantages of a trampoline are mainly the joint-gentle training and the big fun. Every user will quickly notice progress for respective use and feel fitter and better. Studies of the NASA show that the training with a rebounder burns significantly more calories than running through the woods in the same time.

Fitness machines for every age and training level

The training is ideal for beginners, advanced users as well as persons with joint problems. Due to the soft swinging or jumping or doing intensive power workouts, the fat burning is distinctively increased. Muscles and connective tissue are strengthened, the immune system and cardiovascular system are activated, the coordination is increased, and the balance is improved. Tensions of daily life and stress are reduced by a release of endorphins (endogenous happiness hormones). Trampolines are a healthy mood elevator and protect all joints and vertebral bodies.

Size of the rebounder

Consider the following for choosing the diameter of your fitness trampoline:
  • Which type of training do you want to do?
  • What's the height of the tallest user?

For beginners, who want to do light swinging, light running training or some fitness exercises and are below 1.80 m tall, a diameter of 100 cm is sufficient - though a bigger diameter is basically more comfortable. A bigger diameter offers a more comfortable swinging and more safety. For taller users or more intensive training sessions, we recommend a diameter of 120 cm or more.

The type of suspenions

The suspension of a trampoline is responsible for jumping and loadability of the trampoline. Steel springs have been a technique used for many years. The spring system of this type of suspension is mostly stiff and the resistance, which is to be conquered, is mostly high.

Trampolines with rubber rope design have prevailed. The jumping is better and more ergonomic and the resistance is often adjustable. The wear is low and absolutely comparable to the supposedly more sturdy springs made of steel. The elastic rope construction differs in a continuous suspension and single-rope suspension.

The advantage of single rope suspension is that the degree of hardness can be directly regulated by shortening or extending the ropes. Replacing the ropes due to wear is also quickly and easily done. Depending upon user and training content, you can change and specifically set the resistance. It's very practical for an increasing stamina and power to set new training stimuli. Even if your body weight changes (i. e. due to successful loss of weight), the adjustability of the degree of hardness is a big advantage!

Jumping mat of the fitness trampoline

In combination with the suspension, the jumping mat is responsible for jumping conditions and presetns the connection between user and machine. Almost all manufacturers rely on jumping mats made of nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene or a combination of those materials. Consider the following points purchasing a jumping mat:
  • Long warranty times of the jumping mat (the longer the warranty time, the better the quality)
  • Workmanship of suspension points

Feet: at least six for safe stability

The legs of a trampoline should offer a space of 20 to 25 cm between jumping mat and floor, 30 cm are fine as well. Due to the space the spring deflection is increased and a comfortable and joint-gentle swinging is possible. The number of feet should be six or more to ensure a maximum stability even for high loads. A folding mechanism is practical, when you often store or transport the training machine.

Safety thanks to edge cover

Edge covers of fitness trampolines are a practical accessory. For security reasons we recommend edge covers absolutely, especially for trampolines with steel springs.

Fitness trampoline accessory

Do more training exercises with holding rods or get an additional safety. The holding rods can be easily mounted in or on the feet of the trampolines. Many training concepts at classed or on dvd contain exercises with rods and are essential for doing the exercise.
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